Economic views

01AUG 2018


Is the world economy slowing?

Global growth appears to be losing momentum in some regions, particularly in Asia and Europe. We examine the three factors that we believe to be driving the slowdown and whether these are likely to have a permanent or temporary effect.

01AUG 2018


India's supposedly neutral central bank sounds decidedly hawkish

Today’s rate hike is unlikely to be the last given inflation is accelerating.


31JUL 2018


Bank of Japan straps in for bumpy ride

The Japanese central bank has made a series of small tweaks to monetary policy to keep going for longer.

30JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

How will the physical risks of climate change affect companies?

Our new analysis can quantify the physical impact climate change has on companies around the world. The costs could be considerable.

30JUL 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - August 2018

This month we look at why the world economy is entering a spell of slower growth, explore some of the consequences of Brexit and explain why currency war concerns are overblown.

27JUL 2018


Confident consumers propel US growth to a four-year high

A bumper quarter for US growth should keep the Federal Reserve on a steady course of monetary policy tightening.

24JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

Why investors are wrong about the role of the dollar

A new theory about the US dollar is challenging the way economists and markets think about currencies. It has particularly important implications for emerging market asset classes.

20JUL 2018


BoJ to remain dovish as inflation disappoints

Quickview: Lower-than-expected inflation release means the Bank of Japan is likely to keep interest rates at lows

19JUL 2018


Is China’s currency weakness the latest salvo in trade tensions?

Quickview: Craig Botham questions whether China’s currency is being used as a weapon in trade tensions.

16JUL 2018


China enters the slowdown phase

Quickview: China’s economy slowed in Q2 and we see further weakness in Q3, as policymaker support takes time to translate to growth.