06JUN 2017


Monthly markets review - May 2017

An overview of markets in May 2017 when economic news remained encouraging and political risks faded.

01JUN 2017


60 seconds on the most predictable element of investing in Japan

Andrew Rose explains why the geopolitical backdrop should not distract investors from positive company-level changes in Japan.


30MAY 2017


Is it still worth investing in bank shares?

Bank shares rallied in 2016 – but will the good run continue? We look at why the sector has recovered and examine the latest valuations.

26MAY 2017


How cheap are world stockmarkets? Five key tests

Which is the best measure for finding cheap markets? We explain the pros and cons of each, and look at the latest readings for major markets.

24MAY 2017


Smaller companies in Asia: where the long-term potential lies

For investors, many of the exciting structural themes in Asia are being driven by smaller companies. Here’s why.

22MAY 2017


"Sell in May and go away": does it work for Asian stockmarkets?

We take a look at the hard data to see how they stack up against the popular market saying and find one market where it might be helpful.

18MAY 2017


Which stockmarket sectors have performed best over two decades?

We look at which UK stockmarket sectors could have grown your money the most over the last 20 years, and what their valuations are telling us now.

11MAY 2017


A political checklist for stockmarket investors

Brexit, Trump and European elections all had the potential to cause chaos in the stockmarket. Yet investors have remained calm. What next?

09MAY 2017


60 seconds on Macron's market impact

The prospects for European equities have become significantly rosier since the weekend.

08MAY 2017


Macron victory marks market-friendly French election outcome

Macron’s reform agenda should be positive for economic growth in France. As political risk falls, investors can now turn their focus to the corporate earnings recovery.