04APR 2017


Value investment rally: has the ship sailed?

It’s not too late to get on board the value rally, according to a panel of Schroders fund managers, and a renewed focus on investment styles is here to stay.


27MAR 2017


Small cap vs large cap: how valuations compare

Global small cap stocks have returned 317% since their nadir in 2009, but may still be good value. Here we explain why and show where value exists.

16MAR 2017


Investor relief at Dutch election blow to populists

While markets heave a sigh of relief at Geert Wilders' defeat in the Dutch election, political uncertainty persists as attention shifts to France. But we see bright prospects for equities as the economic backdrop improves.

15MAR 2017


An emerging market toolkit is essential for investors in the West

Economic nationalism has led to a boom in political risk analysis.

15MAR 2017


Why stockmarkets rise when currencies fall – explained in two charts

These two charts help explain why the FTSE 100 can rise when sterling falls.

14MAR 2017


The future of TV: Is it just the walking dead?

Traditional TV is undergoing major changes, but reports of its imminent death are exaggerated. We think there’s life in the old box yet.

13MAR 2017


Where next for the value rally in Europe?

Late 2016 saw the market rotate towards value but opportunities now look more balanced.

08MAR 2017


How safe are dividends?

Investors treasure the income paid by companies. We explain the “dividend cover” safety measure, and what it says about world markets today.

08MAR 2017


30-year asset class returns forecast: 2017 update

The Schroders Economics Group provides its annual update of its 30-year return forecasts for a range of asset classes. Equities remain the asset class offering the greatest potential for returns.

07MAR 2017


The road to Brexit: what's next for investors?

With the UK expected to start the process of leaving the EU this month, we asked a panel of investment and economic experts covering a variety of areas, from real estate to European equities, what they are looking out for in the coming months.