11OCT 2016


The FTSE 100 hits all-time high - but can it go higher?

After the UK stockmarket hit a new all-time high we highlight the reasons why – and look at the latest valuations.

07OCT 2016


60 seconds with Nick Kirrage on where to find value

Where are the value opportunities in equities today? Nick Kirrage explains.

03OCT 2016


Should investors worry about China?

Concerns are growing about China’s powerhouse economy. Here, we explain why and offer views from Schroders fund managers and economists on what might happen next.


30SEP 2016


Investors to shift to ‘cheap’ emerging markets, poll finds

More than 70% of professional investors believe emerging markets offer good value versus developed world stockmarkets, a poll has found.

30SEP 2016


60 seconds on data science in fund management

Ben Wicks explains how fund managers are using data science to improve their investment returns.

15SEP 2016


Are emerging market equities re-emerging?

After falling out of fashion and lagging their developed market peers in recent years, emerging market equities are back in the headlines and back in investors’ sights. We spoke to some of Schroders’ investment desks to see if the optimism is justified.


18AUG 2016


Are negative rates helping? These three charts suggest not

Desperate times have prompted desperate measures. But is the extreme medicine working? Savers and investors may wish to look away now.

10AUG 2016


Seven-year asset class forecast returns: 2016 update

Equities and alternatives are predicted to deliver the most attractive real returns over the next seven years.


29JUL 2016


Bank of Japan: cupboard is bare but corporate prospects undimmed

After the Bank of Japan's latest policy decision, we look at the options left for authorities to stimulate the economy and the outlook for corporate earnings.

28JUL 2016


The crisis mindset: how investors paralysed by fear could be missing opportunities

The "sentiment cycle" suggests why so many investors miss out on market opportunities. Fund manager Malcolm Melville explains why we may now be in the most positive phase.