23MAY 2016


60 seconds on the hunt for value in UK dividends

As the demand for UK dividends grows we look at why investors need to be brave in order to generate income higher than the market average.

20MAY 2016


Is now the time for value stocks in Europe?

Value stocks are unloved and underowned in Europe, but signs of a pick-up in inflation could see them reverse their underperformance.

19MAY 2016


60 seconds with Alex Tedder on US equity opportunities

US equities remain attractive but investors need to look at nimble and dynamic firms which can adapt to the current climate of low growth.

12MAY 2016


Is now the time to be value investing?

After a painful 2015 value investments have enjoyed a robust start to 2016, but can it last or will Brexit derail the moment in value?

11MAY 2016


Is the world economy turning Japanese?

We examine the vulnerability of economies such as the US, Europe and China to “Japanese disease” and discuss how authorities could potentially avoid deflation.

10MAY 2016


Can small caps prosper in a world of deflation and disruption?

The recent underperformance of small caps in a number of markets has prompted some to suggest that they may have lost their particular investment advantages. We disagree.

05MAY 2016


Three investment conclusions from Leicester City’s first Premier League title

Leicester City's 5000-1 English Premier League triumph has shown investors the value of defeating the behavioural bias of loss aversion.

04MAY 2016


60 seconds with James Barrineau on whether Brazil’s recovery is sustainable

The storm engulfing Brazil’s government has provided a catalyst for a strong rebound in the country’s assets, but are the raw materials in place for a longer-term recovery?


28APR 2016


Schroders Quickview: Bank of Japan surprises markets with inaction

The Bank of Japan’s regular policy meeting ended in Tokyo on Thursday with the policy committee deciding to take no action.

28APR 2016


Schroders Quickview: Fed keeps rates on hold, but for how much longer?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept interest rates unchanged between 0.25% and 0.5% for the fourth consecutive month, but how much longer can the Fed hold off raising rates?