20MAY 2015


Is Japan abandoning its cash conservatism?

Within global equities, one of the key themes we see emerging in 2015 is a shift in focus of corporate Japan from stockpiling to distributing excess cash; a trend which may awaken income-seekers’ interest in the country.

11MAY 2015


60 seconds with James Sym: Can a recovery in European earnings power further stock gains?

In this 60 second video Schroders European Equities fund manager James Sym reflects on the recent performance of European stocks, and whether a recovery in earnings will help boost returns.

08MAY 2015


Schroders Quickview: UK election provides welcome stability for business

Unsurprisingly, the UK election result has been taken well by the UK equity market and in the short-term provides businesses with a stable political and legislative background in which to invest for the future.

07MAY 2015


Is a bubble in Chinese stocks being inflated?

The sharp rally in Chinese share prices is not justified by the underlying fundamentals but it has considerable momentum and could continue for a while yet

04MAY 2015


Eurozone: Springing into recovery

Europe's economy is on the road to recovery, according to Schroders European Economist Azad Zangana, but equity and bond markets could still see some volatility in the coming months as Greece continues to negotiate its next bailout.


24APR 2015


Multi-Asset Insights: The impact of negative interest rates on markets

The latest insight from our multi-asset team examines the effects of negative interest rates on various participants in equity and bond markets.

13APR 2015

Global Market Perspective

Q2 2015

Schroders Chief Economist and Strategist Keith Wade explains why his team are in favour of European stocks over US equities, remain neutral on bonds but downgrade their view on bunds and treasuries as we head into the second quarter of 2015.

10APR 2015


Quarterly markets review - Q1 2015

A look back at markets in Q1 2015, which saw the European Central Bank embark on full quantitative easing.

10APR 2015


Schroders Quickview: Hong Kong market momentum not based on fundamentals

The recent euphoric rally in Hong Kong shares has largely been driven by valuation gaps and positive regulatory support for mainland investors to invest in the Hong Kong market.

08APR 2015


Are the prospects still bright for Indian equities?

Do Indian shares still present long-term opportunities for investors, even after impressive returns in 2014?