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Schroder ISF EURO Equity EUR

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Investment objective

The fund aims to provide capital growth by investing in equities of companies in countries participating in the European Monetary Union.

Investment Policy

The fund invests at least 75% of its assets in equities of companies that are incorporated in the European Economic Area. The fund also invests at least two-thirds of its assets in equities of companies in countries whose currency is the Euro.
The fund is managed with reference to material environmental, social and governance factors. This means issues such as climate change, environmental performance, labour standards or board composition that could impact a company's value may be considered in the assessment of companies.
The fund invests in businesses which the manager believes have been undervalued by the market. Investment decisions are based on in-depth research into a company's financial and business strength, as well as meetings with management. To a lesser extent, we allow more macroeconomic or thematic views to influence portfolio positions.
The fund may use derivatives with the aim of achieving investment gains, reducing risk or managing the fund more efficiently. The fund may also hold cash.

Distribution Policy

This share class accumulates income received from the fund's investments, meaning it is kept in the fund and its value is reflected in the price of the share class.


Asset ClassEquity
Share ClassA
Distribution TypeAcc
Share Class CurrencyEUR
Fund Manager(s)Martin Skanberg
Total Fund Size (millions) 2,618.45
Fund Launch Date21/09/1998
Share Class Launch Date17/01/2000
BenchmarkMSCI European Monetary Union Net TR
Investment SchemeSICAV
Fund Range NameSchroder ISF


Entry Charge15.00 %
Distribution Fee0.00 %
Ongoing Charge1.85 %

1 Up to 5% of the total subscription amount (equivalent to 5.26315% of Nav)

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MorningstarMorningstar rating: 4 stars
Morningstar analystSilver


Pricing FrequencyDaily
Fiscal Year End31 Dec