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All you need to know about MiFID II and the sustainability preferences

As part of the current MiFID II suitability assessment, which comes into effect in August, any client, existing and new, must be asked about their sustainability preferences.

We look at what this means for advisors and how this is being implemented in practice as well as some existing limitations for which there is still no answer.

Don't miss these 4 videos in Portuguese to learn all the details of this regulation:

MIFID II and sustainability preferences: what is this about? (in Portuguese)

From 2 August 2022, in the MiFID suitability assessment process advisers must include an additional question when they ask they clients about theirs investment knowledge, their financial situation, their ability to bear investment loss and their objectives, which is whether the client has sustainability preferences, or not. We review step by step what the conversation will be like.

What is the Taxonomy and how do you show alignment? (in Portuguese)

We explain what the Taxonomy is and how it identifies which activities are environmentally sustainable.

What is sustainable investing according to SFDR? (in Portuguese)

We present how SFDR describes sustainable investment and what limitations this definition implies.

What are PAIs and how are they expressed? (in Portuguese)

Principal adverse impacts are trying to capture any negative effects that a portfolio’s investments have on the environment and society. We analyze how these externalities materialize.


Q&A: Everything you need to know about the MiFID II sustainability preferences test


Understanding the changes to the MiFID II suitability assessment

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