Asset Classes

Investing with Schroders means gaining access to a global range of funds covering a broad array of asset classes across multiple regions. This allows investors to diversify their investments, manage their risk and can help maximise their returns.

Equity Funds

Schroders has a broad range of actively-managed equity funds to help meet a wide range of investment goals and risk profiles. Our well-resourced and locally based fund managers seek to grow capital by investing in countries across Europe, the US, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and emerging markets. 

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Fixed Income

Schroders' fixed income funds stretch across the bond universe, providing investors with access to an array of government bonds, corporate debt and foreign exchange markets.

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Schroders' multi-asset fund managers seek to maximise risk-adjusted returns by investing flexibly across a diversified portfolio. From strategies that aim to beat inflation to funds that focus on delivering a diverse income stream, we deliver outcomes to suit a variety of investment goals. 

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Schroders' alternative product range includes specialised strategies focused on commodities, and an absolute return approach to emerging market debt and currencies. 

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