Investing in the Late Cycle

The US is officially in its longest economic expansion, and we are venturing deeper into the late stages of the market cycle where investing conditions are challenging.

Schroders has the expertise to help investors exploit opportunities in difficult markets, while managing volatility to protect portfolios from significant drawdowns.

Late Cycle

23 APR 2019

Breaking down the late-cycle market

There has been much reference to the market being 'late-cycle'. Find out what this means for investors.

Late Cycle

15 APR 2019

How should investors be positioned in the late cycle?

As markets venture deeper into the late cycle environment, investors need to remain invested and be mindful about the kind of assets they choose for their portfolio.

Late Cycle

08 APR 2019

Global Market Perspective - Q2 2019

Our latest economic and asset allocation views include a note on the prospects for US corporate earnings.

Late Cycle

8 FEB 2019

Five charts to gauge the environment for equities

Judging the end of the market cycle is difficult. Here, Schroders fund managers - including Nick Kirrage, Nick Kissack and Alex Breese - discuss charts that have caught their eye.

Late Cycle

3 DEC 2018

Investors seek ‘minimum income’ of 10.1%

Schroders’ Global Investor Study reveals the latest expectations of investors and offers a snapshot of the investments they hold to reach their goals

Late Cycle

22 NOV 2018

Late-cycle investing: Are investors in for a Dickens of a time?

It is the best of times for the US economy, but for investors in high yield bonds and stocks it could become the worst of times.

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