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"Our focus on Winning Cities in the UK offers a competitive advantage in terms of higher levels of GDP, employment and population growth to deliver long-term sustainable income and capital growth."

At Schroders we believe it is our responsibility as real estate investors to identify, understand and manage environmental, social and economic impacts, positive and negative, to deliver resilient investment returns for the long term and manage exposure to impacts of financial and non-financial risks.  

At Schroder Real Estate understanding these issues and their impacts is integral to our investment process and applies to all aspects of real estate investment including acquisition due diligence, asset management, property management provided by third parties, refurbishments and developments. Understanding and improving the impacts of real estate investment to the environment and society sits alongside our priority to maximise returns for our clients in a manner consistent with our funds’ risk profiles.

Our sustainability approach ”Real Estate with Impact”  is founded on four pillars of impact – People, Planet, Place and Prosperity. These pillars are referenced to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth; 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities; 13 Climate Action, recognising the contribution of the built environment and our responsibilities as real estate investors to society, the environment and economies.

We believe an investment programme which is sustainable should deliver enhanced returns to investors, improved business performance to tenants and tangible positive impacts to local communities, the environment and wider society for the long term.

Schroder Real Estate maintains an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001 to manage the deliverable actions derived from our Real Estate with Impact approach. The system applies to all aspects of direct real estate investment including acquisition due diligence, asset management, refurbishment and development as well as services provided by third parties. 

Schroders participates in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark “GRESB” which is the global standard for real estate funds and companies. Schroder Real Estate is also a GRESB Participant Member and a member of the Better Buildings Partnership.

Schroder Real Estate’s Net Zero Carbon Commitment

Schroder Real Estate has committed to Net Zero Carbon by 2050. See what net zero means for our real estate activities and view our Net Zero Carbon Pathway on our website. 

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More details on Schroders Real Estate with Impact approach are available on the internet site:

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This fund does not have the objective of sustainable investment or binding environmental or social characteristics as defined by the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Any references to the integration of sustainability considerations are made in relation to the processes of the investment manager or the Schroders group and are not specific to the fund.

Sustainability and Impact considerations

We consider a broad and ever expanding range of sustainability and impact related topics recognising social and environmental change. Our Sustainability Framework requires us to continually critique and evolve our approach.

Sustainability and Impact are integral to each lifecycle stage

We assess opportunities and risks for our assets to support positive outcomes across our Impact Pillars together with investment resilience for the long term.

Our Impact Pillars





GRESB is the global sustainability benchmark for real assets. Schroders has participated in the annual GRESB survey since 2011. SREIT has participated since 2016. Schroders submitted ten funds in 2021, achieving Green Stars for all ten. A Green Star is awarded where scores of 50 or more are achieved in both of the two principal dimensions of Management and Performance.

The Trust has achieved a Green Star rating for the past four consecutive years and this year was awarded a 3 Star Rating and came second in its peer group.

Schroder Real Estate has signed up to the Better Building Partnership Climate Change Commitment to deliver net zero carbon real estate portfolios by 2050.

Please see the Sustainability Guide below for more details.


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 Source: logo images sourced from Schroders, European Public Real Estate, and GRESB. 

Sustainability case studies


Headingley Central, Leeds

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The Promenade, Cheltenham

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SREIT Sustainability Guide, November 2020

SREIT Annual Sustainability Report (for the year ended 31 March 2021

View our Sustainability: Real Estate with Impact website for more information

Our Pathway to Net Zero Carbon

SREIT EPRA Assurance Statement

What are the risks?

Investments in real estate are relatively illiquid and more difficult to realise than equities or bonds.

Yields may vary and are not guaranteed.

The use of gearing is likely to lead to volatility in the Net Asset Value ("NAV") meaning that a relatively small movement either down or up in the value of the Company's total assets will result in a magnified movement in the same direction of that NAV.

There is no guarantee that the market price of shares in a UK Real Estate Investment Trust such as SREIT will fully reflect their underlying NAV.

The value of real estate is a matter of a valuer's opinion rather than fact.

This UK Real Estate Investment Trust should be considered only as part of a balanced portfolio, of which it should not form a disproportionate part.

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