Ways to invest

Schroders offers a broad and flexible product range that gives you the flexibility to invest in many different ways, according to your individual circumstances.

The 'Guide to Investing' is designed to give a no-nonsense view on the investment options available to you. Whether you’re relatively new to the investment world or an experienced investor, we do hope you’ll find the guide a useful resource.

The guide covers everything from savings basics, setting goals and practical matters. Topics include:  

  • The importance of saving
  • The purpose of saving
  • Rainy day cash vs. longer-term savings
  • Getting involved in the stockmarket
  • Savings time horizon
  • Attitude to risk
  • The effects of inflation
  • Using a financial adviser
  • What are the costs?
  • Going it alone – using fund supermarkets
  • The cost of investing in a fund
  • Picking the right platform
  • Reduce tax on savings
  • Tax-efficient pension savings
  • Pension changes
  • Making the most of your options
  • Regular saving vs. investing a lump sum

View the Guide to Investing PDF here.