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25OCT 2018

Market falls: cause for alarm or calm?

It’s been a torrid period for stock markets recently. We examine what’s been happening and find out why some investors think it could be a time of opportunity.



03OCT 2018


Can European equities play catch-up in Q4?

Returns from European equities have lagged the US so far in 2018 but we see signs this could change as we head towards year-end.

03OCT 2018


Are short sellers ethical?

It’s a few of the practitioners, rather than the practice, of short selling that can be unethical.


27SEP 2018


What's on investors' minds, in eight polls

Voting at the Schroders Investment Conference in Venice last week revealed the views of 100 leading fund selectors from around the world on issues such as market risks, sustainability and interest rates.


30AUG 2018


Europe's banks: cause for concern or cause for buying?

Our investment experts consider the prospects for Europe’s banks as the sector faces challenges including ongoing low interest rates and Italian political uncertainty.

24AUG 2018


The chart that highlights the eerie calm of the longest US bull market

This alternative chart of the record bull market shows why some investors might be getting complacent.

21AUG 2018


IMO 2020: What are the short-term implications for the oil market?

The new regulation will mean ships can no longer simply burn untreated high sulphur fuel oil and will have knock-on effects for global crude demand.


12JUL 2018


An economic slowdown is approaching, but that's no cause for investor alarm

We’re approaching the end of the economic cycle, but markets are not stupid. Investors waiting for a significant collapse in the equity market because the economy is slowing may be in for a long wait.