16AUG 2017


Why we believe a market correction in high yield bonds would be a buying opportunity

While a high yield market correction has occurred in each year since 2009, we have yet to see one in 2017. Given a positive fundamental backdrop for high yield bonds, we believe any pull-back in the market this year would present a good entry point.

11AUG 2017


The story of the global economy in pictures - August 2017

In this month's infographic we look at the pros and cons of low inflation and balance sheet reduction, the state of the UK economy and the outlook for global trade.

11AUG 2017


New order: World in motion

Political change will have a significant impact on different sectors, affecting their future profitability. Andrew Howard, Head of Sustainable Research, explains how

10AUG 2017


60 seconds on the importance of universities to global cities

Tom Walker discusses the latest Schroders Global Cities Index and the importance of universities in real estate investing.

09AUG 2017


The global financial crisis 10 years on: six charts that tell the story

It has been 10 years since the start of the global financial crisis. We show the impact then and during the decade that followed.

02AUG 2017


TalkingEconomics: Central bank hawks, low inflation and balance sheet reduction

Low inflation is harrying the hawks, and is keeping the Fed cautious as it looks to reduce its balance sheet.

01AUG 2017


Six charts that caught our attention in July

We highlight some of the charts that we found interesting this month, including UK house prices, Chinese trade and the declining dollar.


28JUL 2017

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

August 2017

In this month's Viewpoint, we consider the more hawkish tone taken recently by central banks as well as examining the UK labour market and the prospects for global trade.

27JUL 2017


High yield bonds remain more attractive than leveraged loans

There are times when the leveraged loan market can provide attractive investment opportunities, but now is not one of them.

26JUL 2017


Why churn is not necessarily burn

As covered in the Financial Times, our research challenges the conventional wisdom that portfolio turnover and transaction costs should be minimised, and finds it to be misguided.