01NOV 2016


Sustainable Investment Report - Q3 2016

In this quarter's Sustainable Investment Report we look at new regulations aimed at preventing modern slavery and the consumer companies that could be most affected.


31OCT 2016


How the stockmarket returned 80% without moving

The FTSE 100’s record high barely beats the level of 1999, yet investors have been richly rewarded, highlighting the power of dividends.

18OCT 2016


Four investment myths on the rise

We take a look at these perceived investing wisdoms and explain why they are fast becoming new investment myths.

14OCT 2016


Time to look again at inflation-linked bonds?

After years of being under-invested and under-researched, and as inflationary pressures grow, it’s time for investors to consider reassessing their exposure to inflation-linked bonds.

10OCT 2016


60 seconds with Tom Walker on what makes a "global city"

Tom Walker reveals where he thinks is a great example of a true global city.

07OCT 2016


60 seconds with Nick Kirrage on where to find value

Where are the value opportunities in equities today? Nick Kirrage explains.

03OCT 2016

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

October 2016

This month we look at political risk, both in the US and Europe, as the US presidential election and Italian referendum approach.


30SEP 2016


60 seconds on data science in fund management

Ben Wicks explains how fund managers are using data science to improve their investment returns.

29SEP 2016


Modern slavery: how new regulation will impact consumer companies

Consumer companies are most at risk of exposure to modern slavery but those with robust supply chain management strategies are likely to be best placed as the spotlight becomes brighter.

28SEP 2016


Schroders Live: Brexit, US elections and central banks in focus

At our Schroders Live event on 28 September, Senior European Economist & Strategist Azad Zangana and Multi-Asset fund manager Remi Olu-Pitan, discussed the major themes in markets with Manus Cranny, Bloomberg’s European Markets Editor