11DEC 2015


What happens once interest rates lift off?

Expectations that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will raise interest rates have increased markedly following the October Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, but what does this mean for bond investors?

10DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Convertible Bonds

Volatility is likely to persist into 2016, but convertible bonds could be well suited to such a backdrop.

08DEC 2015


How can investors benefit from climate change action?

With the UN Climate Change Conference under way in Paris, Simon Webber discusses how investors can benefit from the drive to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

07DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Global Real Estate Securities

The potential for higher interest rates in 2016 is unsettling some investors, but we believe the right real estate securities are supported by a number of other factors.

04DEC 2015


Monthly markets review - November 2015

A look back at markets in November 2015 when global equities were lacklustre and attention remained focused on central banks.

03DEC 2015


Global economy in pictures: Annual 2015 economic infographic

We review a turbulent year for the global economy which endured dramatic falls in the price of oil, geopolitical tension in Europe, a stockmarket crash in China and ends with the Federal Reserve considering raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.

01DEC 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

December 2015

In this month's Viewpoint our economists cut their global and European growth forecasts for 2016, examine the uneven recovery in emerging markets and look at what the risks are to the world economy.

01DEC 2015


60 seconds with Alex Tedder on the 2016 outlook for global equities

While the macroeconomic outlook looks uncertain for global equities, Alex Tedder finds reasons to be bullish over individual companies, particularly those that specialise in disruptive technology and provide earnings power.


26NOV 2015


Is Black Friday holding retailers to ransom?

Black Friday should be the highlight of the year for retailers, a chance to drive the punters through their doors and out again via their cashiers filling the coffers along the way, but in reality is Black Friday causing more pain than profit for the retail sector?

26NOV 2015


Outlook 2016: Multi-Asset Income

2015 has been a challenging year for asset prices; however, following large swings in government bond yields and the recent stockmarket sell-off, many income sources are offering attractive yields again.