Dynamic Planner risk profiling

We offer a range of risk-profiled funds to help support the client suitability process

When it comes to assessing suitability, the FCA expects advisers to follow good practice when determining a customer’s attitude to risk and in their investment selection. To help understand the level of risk expected, Distribution Technology will consider the following factors:

  • Historical asset allocation data, assessing the observed range and the strategic benchmark and constraints (if applicable)
  • The volatility of the actual performance achieved.

Results are then compared against the underlying asset allocations applied to each of the 10 Dynamic Planner risk profiles.

Access the full risk-profiled range


  Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income Fund  

  Schroder MM Diversity Fund

  Schroder Mixed Distribution Fund

  Schroder MM Diversity Income Fund

  Schroder Mixed Distribution Fund

  Schroder Managed Balanced Fund

  Schroder MM Diversity Tactical Fund

  Schroder MM UK Growth Fund

  Schroder QEP Global Core Fund

  Schroder MM International Fund

For queries on any of the funds listed, or if you'd like any further information, simply get in touch with the team on 0207 658 3897.