Schroders Investment Weather Forecast: US shines in mixed outlook for multi-asset

Henriette Bergh

Head of UK and European Product & Manager Solutions

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Monetary policy

Regarding monetary policy, we would expect the US Federal Reserve to tighten interest rates later this year, whereas we believe the European Central bank, the Bank of Japan and the People's Bank of China are likely to continue with their expansionary monetary policies.


There will be fewer opportunities to benefit from cheap valuations than has been the case in recent years.


Growth is reasonably weak and there is no inflationary pressure of which to speak.

US equities

We expect the sunniest weather to be in the US, which is our favourite equity market, and we are bullish on the dollar’s prospects.

Global equities

In the rest of the world we expect to find pockets of value in certain European sectors and we are cautious on Japanese equities.

Fixed income

We have a neutral stance towards government bonds, with a slight preference for those with longer maturities.


We are in a low-yielding environment and market volatility has been picking up significantly compared to recent years. We are focusing on managing our clients’ portfolios with a global, flexible and dynamic approach, using an unconstrained opportunity set and keeping a very keen eye on managing risk.