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Note dated 19 May: please note we are currently changing the provider of our UK registrar services from SS&C (formerly DST Systems) to HSBC. Following the transfer, HSBC, on our behalf, will administer your investments, including transaction processing, register maintenance and invoice servicing. This website will be updated with further information in upcoming weeks. For latest updates and further information please click here. 

Before you can start investing with Schroders you will need to download and complete an application form for the relevant fund. Schroders is obliged to ensure that we have provided you with the latest Key Investor Information documents (KIIDs) and additional information for the funds in which you wish to invest. The documents below are designed to provide you with the necessary information required to make your investment decision.

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Application forms Unit Trust & OEIC Application Form 16 page(s) | 345 kb
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Application forms Schroder ISF Application Form 1 page(s) | 235 kb