16JUN 2020
2:00 pm


Webinar: Risk management challenges under Covid-19, the first ESG crisis under SII

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You can download the presentation slides or watch the presentation recording below


Join us at our upcoming webinar, Risk management challenges under Covid-19, on Tuesday 16 June, taking place in RiskMinds Digital Week. 

As the Covid-19 outbreak leaves an increasingly embattled and vulnerable global economy in its wake, the importance of balance sheet risk management concerning both assets and liabilities has never been more evident. Investments are impacted via increased market volatility and yield dislocation, whilst liabilities incur increased claim incidence and severity, with associated operational risks.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How insurers are managing investment risks in the challenging market environment
  • How market turbulence has changed insurers’ appetite for illiquidity risk 
  • The use of an ad hoc ORSA to reflect the crisis scenario
  • How to manage operational risk in longer term planning scenarios