Private Assets


22OCT 2018


Why psychology is the secret ingredient in the success of global cities

Real estate investors may not be aware of the impact psychology can have on cities.


24SEP 2018


Where should you invest in private equity today?

As the popularity of private equity investing has risen, some parts of the market look increasingly overcapitalised. We look at where the best opportunities may lie.

20SEP 2018


Investing in commercial real estate? It’s all about that basis (no trouble)

For discerning commercial real estate investors, we believe the lower cost basis – the initial property acquisition costs - outside of the major, more “glamorous” big cities in the US could offer real value.

04SEP 2018


The housing affordability puzzle – is it really so puzzling?

We explore why global cities continue to attract young professionals and argue that living in such places is good value, despite the high costs of housing.


08AUG 2018


The data boom in Chinese cities and what it means for real estate investing

China is at the forefront of a technological revolution and the quantity of data it will yield is unprecedented. For investors in companies based in the country’s global cities, this could bring compelling opportunities.


04JUL 2018


How the high street is being reinvented in global cities

Death of the high street? Hugo Machin, a Global Cities investor and blogger, explains why certain retail locations are thriving


10MAY 2018


The rise of 'meta cities' and the impact on real estate investing

Hugo Machin, of the Schroders Global Cities blog, explains the rise of a new breed of 'meta cities'


24APR 2018


Mexico City to prosper from bloom of youth

Although not yet highly ranked in the Schroders Global Cities index, Mexico City has powerful demographic drivers that we believe will generate future growth .


03JAN 2018


Call of the city - how investors can profit from urbanisation

Europe’s renewed urbanisation and accompanying infrastructure upgrades provide interesting opportunities for real estate investors.