Schroder Life Flexible Retirement Fund

The Schroder Life Flexible Retirement Fund is designed for DC members who are approaching the stage when they will transition into retirement and who require a fund solution that gives them the flexibility to take their pots in a series of single lump sums or drawdown their assets over a period of time. Through a combination of an actively managed multi-asset portfolio and a systematic downside risk management overlay the fund seeks to deliver an above inflation return while reducing the chance that an individual will suffer a significant loss.

The fund has three objectives

1. To provide - Capital preservation for DC members approaching retirement and flexibility to use their pots according to their individual circumstances.

2. To generate - A return of CPI+2% (net of fees) over a market cycle (typically 3-5 years).

3. To deliver - These returns with a risk management overlay that targets a maximum loss of 8% over anyinvestment period*.

More information

* The maximum loss target is an investment objective only and does not constitute a guarantee. It is possible that due to prolonged adverse market environments the Fund may lose more than 8%.