08JUN 2020
11:00 am


Webinar: Multi-Asset: After the storm comes calm

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You can download the presentation slides or watch the presentation recording below


In recent months, the risk management approaches of multi-asset strategies have been severely tested. As markets stabilise and the inevitable recession looms, any multi-asset strategy will need to be dynamic to safely navigate the challenging period ahead.

At the second of our 2020 Multi-Asset webinars, Remi Olu-Pitan and Merrick Styles will provide their insights on how the current landscape may evolve, the areas they are looking at to generate returns and the risks that the market may be missing. They will draw on their experience of managing multi asset portfolios in previous recessions and see what lesson if any can be learnt.


Remi Olu-Pitan

Fund Manager, Multi-asset

Merrick Styles

Fund Manager, UK & US New Balanced