Buying out and buying in with Schroders Solutions

Schroders Solutions has a long track record of guiding its fiduciary clients to buy-out or full buy-in. We see the delivery of this goal as the ultimate success for our clients. With our first buy-out completed more than a decade ago, Schroders Solutions has achieved 16 buy-outs/full buy-ins for our Fiduciary Management clients in the last 15 years1.

Through its partnership with annuity market specialists K3 Advisory (“K3”), Schroders Solutions can provide support and advice to clients along every step of the path to transaction. This allows clients to enjoy a seamless journey from setting targets and providing training to monitoring progress, advising on the suitability of different insurers, getting full market quotations, and ultimately transacting. Here we show this partnership in action for a small scheme who achieved a full buy-in.