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"We aim to deliver sustainable, long-term performance by investing in long-dated ground rents."

The Ground Rents Income Fund plc (‘GRIO’), Schroder Real Estate Investment Management and our suppliers are committed to providing Best-in-Class residential management across the GRIO portfolio.

We believe that Best-in-Class management is fundamental to the well-being of our leaseholders, service providers and other visitors to our properties. Successful and sustainable management should also support the long-term returns to our investors, as well as have a positive impact on local communities. We all have a role to play in the promotion of a good health and safety culture, using our collective knowledge and experience to promote continuous improvement in the management of our built environment.

Illustrative ground rents reviews

There are different types of ground rent reviews. Below we have summarised how you may identifty the type of review by examining the language in the lease.

Commonly used terms

Long Leaseholds and Assured Tenancies 

Most leases that reserve a ground rent are usually granted for a premium and are long leases (that is a lease of more than 21 years). However, if the ground rent in a lease exceeds £250 per year outside of Greater London or £1,000 per year within Greater London, and the other relevant criteria in the Housing Act 1988 are met, current legislation determines that these long leases qualify as assured tenancies.

One implication of this is that an assured tenancy can be brought to an end during the term of the lease by the landlord if one or more of the grounds for possession set out in Schedule 2 to the Housing Act 1988 are made out. This means that if the ground rent falls three months into arrears for a long lease that qualifies as an assured tenancy, a landlord has a mandatory ground to apply to Court for an Order for Possession (by way of a Section 8 Notice under the Housing Act 1988). Where a ground is mandatory, there is no discretion on the part of the Court. 

GRIO will not adopt this procedure under any circumstance. Upon a leaseholder’s request, GRIO will enter into a suitable deed of variation to remove the landlord’s right to use such grounds in such circumstances (i.e. that the landlord shall not be able to claim that the long lease is an assured tenancy).

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GRIO and its subsidiaries appoint Rendall & Rittner Ltd in relation to the collection of ground rent, management of landlord consents and property management (where relevant). If you have any queries relating to:

If your query is urgent you can also contact the Rendall & Rittner team via telephone on 0161 470 2910.

If Rendall & Rittner is your property manager and you need emergency assistance from a contractor outside of normal office hours (9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays), please phone 0203 764 5587.

For general queries, please contact groundrentsincomefundinfo@schroders.com 

Residential Leasehold Advice

For more general advice and guidance on residential long leasehold, including fire safety to those leaseholders living in high-rise buildings, please refer to LEASE, the Government funded leasehold advisory service. 


Health and Safety

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