28JAN 2019


Infographic: Sustainability Report Q4 2018

In our latest sustainability report we look at the challenges posed by trade wars and artificial intelligence, as well as the ethics of short selling.



31DEC 2018


How can we prepare for the AI revolution?

With artificial intelligence expected to infiltrate almost every aspect of modern life within a generation, we look at some of the most meaningful changes it is likely to bring about.

19DEC 2018


Why 2019 might be a better year for investors

After the disappointment of 2018, Chief Executive Peter Harrison rounds up the factors our fund managers think could lead to a brighter year ahead.

10DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: Sustainability

The next few years will see rising physical losses from climate-related events, higher taxes to combat intergenerational inequality and tougher conditions for over-levered corporates.


08NOV 2018


Is industry doing enough to tackle antibiotic resistance?

We ask leading experts, including Schroders fund manager John Bowler, what the food and pharmaceutical industries are doing to counter the challenge of increased resistance to antibiotics.

07NOV 2018


Plastics phase-out: Exposure through the value chain

Our Sustainable Investment Team takes an in-depth look at the companies likely to be most impacted by the drive to reduce the use of plastics.


25OCT 2018


Why the European carbon price can no longer be ignored

The EU carbon market was reformed in 2017, meaning the price of carbon permits has soared over the past year. We look at the industrial impact and what this could mean for climate change.

23OCT 2018


Is sugar turning Big Food into the next Big Tobacco?

And, if so, is legislation the best option? David Prosser of The Times canvasses opinions on either side.

17OCT 2018


Climate dashboard points to 4°C rise despite healthy increase in carbon prices

The latest update to our Climate Progress Dashboard implies the current pace of change - across the measures we track - will lead to long-run temperatures rises of around 4° Celsius.