Returning unclaimed client money

We hold client money in respect of clients of Schroder Investment Management Limited and Schroder Unit Trusts Limited with whom we have lost contact or who have not cashed redemption and distribution cheques previously sent to them.

We undertake an exercise to locate these clients so that we can pay the cash owed to them. Due to strict regulation around the safeguarding of client money, we are obliged to take these steps, regardless of the value of the balance held.

If we have recently contacted you as part of this exercise, please complete the form enclosed with the letter and return it to us in the reply-paid envelope provided, indicating whether you would prefer us to re-issue a payment by electronic transfer to you or to donate the amount to our chosen charity.

In order for us to satisfy our anti-fraud checks, please ensure you enclose a copy of a bank statement that confirms your bank details if you wish for the amount to be paid to you. We will endeavour to make any payment of money due to you within 30 days of receipt of your completed form and copy bank statement.

Similarly, if you have been a client of Schroder Investment Management Limited or Schroder Unit Trusts Limited and have lost contact with us, please provide us with your updated details by calling a member of our Investor Services Team on 0800 182 2399 (UK) or +44 1397 436 969 (overseas), or write to us at Schroders Investor Services, PO Box 1402, Sunderland, SR43 4AF to update your account. We may have an amount outstanding that we have been unable to contact you about.

As we deem the security of our investors as being of paramount importance, please remember that personal details should not be divulged to an unauthorised third party at any time.