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This website is not directed at you if we are prohibited by any law of any jurisdiction from making the information on this site available to you and is not intended for any use that would be contrary to local law or regulation. Neither the information contained on this website nor any other statement made at any time in connection herewith is intended to constitute any offer to sell or an invitation or solicitation of an offer to buy any product or service by Schroders and must not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision. Products or services mentioned on this site are subject to legal and regulatory requirements in applicable jurisdictions and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Accordingly persons are required to inform themselves of and observe any such restrictions. Nothing in this website should be construed as investment, tax, legal or other advice.

Risk Warning:

With the exception of our UK Authorised Funds, Schroder Global Property Securities Fund, Schroder International Selection Fund Global Property Securities and Schroder Global Property Income Maximiser, all of the property funds referred to in these pages ("Funds") are collective investment schemes within the meaning of Section 235 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 ("FSMA"). The Funds are not authorised unit trust schemes, open ended investment companies (OEIC's) or recognised schemes within the meaning of the FSMA and therefore constitute unregulated collective investment schemes. As unregulated collective investment schemes, the distribution and promotion of units is restricted, for the purposes of Sections 21 and 238 of the FSMA, to persons who are themselves authorised under the FSMA or who otherwise fall within the categories or exceptions made under Sections 21 and 238. The Schroder UK Real Estate Fund is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”) as a Qualified Investor Scheme (“QIS”). Only investors that meet the requirements for eligibility to invest in a QIS, as specified in COLL 8, Annex 1 of the FCA’s Handbook, may invest in Schroder UK Real Estate Fund. Accordingly, this material is directed at eligible counterparties and authorised persons; professional clients; existing investors and clients and newly accepted clients of the Schroder Group where reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that investment in the Funds is suitable. This material should not be relied upon by persons of any other description.

EREIT is a closed ended company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of Guernsey and registered with number 44115. Registered office: Sarnia House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4NA. SREIT is a closed ended company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of Guernsey and registered with number 41959. Registered office: Royal Bank Place, Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2HS. EREIT is listed on the Official Lists of the UK Listing Authority and the Channel Islands Stock Exchange. SREIT is listed on the Official Lists of the UK Listing Authority. 

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. The value on investments, and the income from them, may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Property-based pooled vehicles such as property unit trusts, invest in real property, the value of which is generally a matter of a valuer's opinion. It may be difficult to deal in the units or to sell them at a reasonable price because the underlying property may not be readily saleable. There is no recognised market for units in the Funds and, as a result, reliable information about the value of units in the Funds or the extent of the risks to which they are exposed may not be readily available.

This website does not constitute an offer to sell or any solicitation of any offer to purchase units in the Trust. Application for investment in the Trust from prospective investors will only be accepted on the basis of the current prospectus of the Trust, together with the latest audited annual report (and subsequent semi annual report, if published).

No warranty is given, in whole or in part, regarding the performance of any of the Funds and there is no guarantee that the investment objectives of any of the Funds will be achieved. This website does not constitute an offer to sell or any solicitation of any offer to purchase units in the Funds. Application for investment in the Funds from prospective investors will only be accepted on the basis of the current prospectus of the relevant Fund, together with the latest audited annual report (and subsequent semi annual report, if published).

The information and opinions contained in this website have been obtained from sources we consider to be reliable. No responsibility can be accepted for errors of fact or opinion. Reliance should not be placed on the views and information in this website when taking individual investment and/or strategic decisions. A potential conflict with the investment manager's duty to the unitholder may arise where an associate of the investment manager invests in units in the Funds. However the investment manager will ensure that such transactions are effected on terms which are not materially less favourable to the unitholder than if the potential conflict had not existed.

Each of the investment managers and the trustees in relation to the Jersey based Collective Investment Scheme Funds have obtained permits under the Collective Investment Funds (Jersey) Law 1988, as amended (the "Law") to enable them to undertake their functions in relation to these Jersey based Funds. The Jersey Financial Services Commission is protected by the Law against liability arising from the discharge of its functions under the Law.

The forecasts included in this website should not be relied upon, are not guaranteed and are provided only as at the date of issue. Our forecasts are based on our own assumptions which may change. We accept no responsibility for any errors of fact or opinion and assume no obligation to provide you with any changes to our assumptions or forecasts. Forecasts and assumptions may be affected by external economic or other factors.

All or most of the protections provided by the UK regulatory system do not apply to investment in a Jersey based Fund and compensation under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme will not be available. The offering of units in certain jurisdictions may be restricted and accordingly persons are required by the investment manager to inform themselves of and observe any such restrictions.


The investment products and services described in the website may have tax consequences. Any tax reliefs referred to are those currently available and their value depends on the circumstances of the individual investor. You acknowledge that levels and bases of taxation may change, and that Schroders does not provide tax advice. You should consult a tax advisor in order to understand the tax consequences of the products and services described in the website.


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