25FEB 2019

Thought Leadership

What is the appropriate currency hedge ratio?

We look at the optimal currency hedging strategy that can help investors mitigate foreign currency risk.

05FEB 2019

Thought Leadership

Securitised credit: Main Street versus Wall Street

We take a closer look at how asset-backed securities can be used as a defensive asset for those seeking stable income in today’s investment environment.

04FEB 2019

Thought Leadership

Man or machine - who’s really driving your portfolio?

In focus: As interest in artificial intelligence increases, attention has turned to the possibility of its application to the asset management industry.


09JAN 2019

Thought Leadership

The five secrets of successful venture capital investing

Counterintuitive truths about venture capital investing and the five secrets to successful venture capital investing.

09JAN 2019

Global Market Perspective

Q1 2019

Our latest economic and asset allocation views include a review of a turbulent year for markets, a look ahead to key themes for 2019, and a note on investment implications as the US cycle approaches the slowdown phase.

04JAN 2019

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - January 2019

In our latest update we review 2018 and look ahead to key themes for 2019 and some potential "black swans".



18DEC 2018

Thought Leadership

Take nothing for granted: portfolio construction in today's great unknown environment

Our framework puts forward several approaches that investors may find useful.

10DEC 2018

Thought Leadership

The underperformance of value: a tale of unintended consequences

Our research shows that, given the poor performance of many value-orientated funds, investors would do well to choose their value factor carefully.


25OCT 2018

Thought Leadership

High grade credit: you get what you pay for

Investment grade corporate bonds look expensive, but given positive changes in fundamental credit quality in recent years the asset class still presents attractive opportunities.