Schroder Real Estate supports UK target to deliver net-zero carbon real estate by 2050

More than 20 of the UK’s leading commercial property owners have signed a ground-breaking commitment to tackle the growing risks of climate change through the delivery of net zero carbon real estate portfolios by 2050.

The commitment – backed by 23 property owners - was developed in response to a Better Buildings Partnership dinner attended by Chief Executive Officers and Chief Investment Officers from the real estate investment industry earlier in the year.

These senior industry leaders agreed that property owners need to take urgent, collective action to respond to the challenges of climate change and address the risks it poses to their investment portfolios.

Duncan Owen, Global Head Schroder Real Estate Investment Management, said:

“The Net Zero Commitment is a call to everyone across the industry to move their focus and innovate at all stages of the building lifecycle to ensure buildings are efficient and resource conscious.  

“Buildings serve people and we must embrace the environmental and social changes in the world to ensure real estate continues to deliver for society and positively impacts the environment.”

Launched on 20 September, coinciding with the UN Climate Summit and World Green Building Week, the Better Buildings Partnership Climate Change Commitment covers over £300 billion in assets and +11,000 commercial properties globally, and is responsible for over 1.2 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

Real estate has a crucial role to play in combatting climate change. Buildings account for 39% of energy-related global carbon dioxide emissions[1].

Read more about the commitment here.

[1] Source: Data from Global Status Report 2018, Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction & International Energy Agency)

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