Schroder Real Estate Hotels

The Schroder Real Estate Hotels business model seeks to find value throughout the acquisition process, financing, holding period and exit.


Acquisition sourcing and underwriting

Our development teams, based in 3 countries, have responsibility for screening the market for acquisition opportunities across western Europe, the UK and mature countries across emerging Europe including Poland and the Czech Republic. This gives us the local knowledge required to ensure a flow of high quality, proprietary deals, allowing our clients to benefit from more attractive entry values than on the open market.  We originate opportunities from multiple sources including brokers, banks, hotel operators, receivers and lawyers.    


Equity syndication and financing

We structure club deals and joint ventures with co-investors from family offices, private equity funds and a range of institutional investors.  Any joint ventures are structured following transparent and customised governance and liquidity features.  We supervise all due diligence processes and depending on the size of the acquisition and available risk/return profile, our stake in each joint venture will range between 2% to 50%.


Management through the holding period

Financial and operational control and audits: implementation of precise performance monitoring through reporting, financial control, budgeting, cash-flow management, productivity and revenue optimization.

Technical and real estate: implementation and monitoring of capex investments, property management and project management.

Platforms for day-to-day operational support: yield management, sales and marketing, reservations, IT, digital management.

Relationship management with brands and international hotel operators.


Exit opportunities

Open to exit opportunities through the constant monitoring of asset’s maturity and valuations in connection with market cycles in order to create favourable exit conditions.

Upstream identification of potential buyers.

Set-up of a competitive exit process.

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