Schroder Real Estate Hotels made its first investment in 2002 and has since grown into one of Europe’s largest hotel investment and asset managers, having invested over €3.1 billion in hotels across Europe alongside a diverse range of institutional, private equity and family office investors.

Since its inception, Schroder Real Estate Hotels has partnered with its investors through separate accounts, joint ventures and club deals across ownership and operating structures. In its role as investment manager, Schroder Real Estate Hotels is responsible for deal structuring, asset financing, asset and operational management, as well as exiting investments.

Schroder Real Estate Hotels currently manages 50 hotels with over 9,200 rooms across 10 countries.

Our investment philosophy

Schroder Real Estate Hotel’s investment philosophy focuses on investing in locations best-suited to hotel investment as well as the active management of both the hotel operations and real estate. As a result, Schroder Real Estate Hotel’s portfolio is located across Europe’s winning cities and established tourist destinations benefitting from structural change.

As an active asset manager, the team aims to drive incremental value by optimising the hotel’s day-to-day operations as well as carrying out targeted asset management initiatives. These include refurbishments, upgrades, repositioning of space or creation of new facilities.

Team overview

The Schroder Real Estate Hotels team comprises over 35 dedicated hotel professionals across London, Paris and Brussels and a number of specialisms, including: investment management, asset management, finance, operations, ESG and sustainability, and project management.

The Schroder Real Estate Hotels team is supported by the wider Schroder Private Assets platform with investment, asset management and operations teams across ten well-established locations in Europe. This helps provide the hotel team with improved local market knowledge, access to potential deals, closer implementation of asset business plans, and improved ability to manage and mitigate risk.

Sustainability and responsible investment

Schroder Real Estate Hotels understands the importance and benefits of a sustainable approach to hotel investment and management. Sustainability is integrated within investment and asset management decision-making and is measured against key performance indicators focusing on reductions in energy, water, resources and waste.

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