Andrew Lyddon

Fund Manager, Equity Value

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28MAY 2019

The medical advice all value investors should follow

With medical students just as prone to behavioural biases as anybody else, a couple of pieces of advice doled out to budding doctors should be of interest to investors too



06NOV 2018


This ‘bond with a twist’ is sending a worrying message on risk

The growing willingness of convertible bond investors to trade in a ‘heads you win, tails you don’t lose’ assurance for a small uptick in yield is a worrying sign of increased risk tolerance in markets


12JUN 2018


Holding your nose and investing in value

So what do value investing and a medical treatment known as ‘FMT’ have in common? You might want to finish eating before you read any further…

05JUN 2018


Why Humans + Maths = Need for set process

The reason you tend not to see ‘Third Pounders’ on the menu at fast-food chains apparently has more to do with poor arithmetic than healthy eating


17APR 2018


How to steer clear of investment hangovers

The regimented approach the ancient Greeks would take to serious drinking when they assembled for a ‘symposium’ offers some neat parallels on why value investors prefer not to follow the crowd


09FEB 2018


Five signs your stock could be a value trap

Cheap companies can look appealing. Use these signs so that you don't fall into a value trap.



23NOV 2017


Why one issue with passive funds is their investors

Every time an investor buys a passive investment, such as an exchange-traded fund, they are – whether they realise it or not – making an important trade-off between cost and expertise

17NOV 2017


Carillion’s collapse – Blame it on the Schuldschein?

Strange new terms cropping up in a company’s annual report can say a lot about the financial position it has managed to get itself into and the unusual lengths it may be having to go to in order to find new funding