Nick Kirrage

Fund Manager, Equity Value

Nick also writes for the team's Value Perspective blog. Follow the team @Thevalueteam



10MAY 2019

On the Spot: Q&A with the Value Team

Value fund manager Nick Kirrage answers the questions that you asked



28FEB 2019


If funds never outperform consistently, what should investors target?

New research suggests it is unrealistic for investors to expect any fund to outperform its peer group year in, year out – so what approach should they be taking instead?

01FEB 2019


In which Seinfeld episode could George have made a fine value investor?

For 180 episodes of the long-running US sitcom Seinfeld, George Costanza almost always lost out on life and yet, in one, a change of perspective gave him some important qualities to be a good value investor



27SEP 2018


Investment advice: Make time to move out of your comfort zone

When you are constantly being fed news and other information, the time available for thinking deeply about a subject can become very limited – so The Value Perspective decided to make the time


03APR 2018


Before investing in an ISA ask yourself this question

The headline figures suggest ISAs have been a hugely popular innovation for consumers looking to save for the future – but are people really making the most of them? Here on The Value Perspective, we fear not


13MAR 2018


Three quick charts about investment risk

Investors are, quite rightly, asking themselves where the risk is in the market – although these three charts from the Bank of England suggest many would seem to be coming to the wrong answer


20FEB 2018


Investment Red Flag Watch: Why we’re worried about the return of ‘SPAC’

We keep a folder of ‘red-flag market indicators’ – developments that make us very uneasy indeed – and one of them is the return of the so-called ‘special purpose acquisition company’


05JAN 2018


How I scored in the investIQ test – and what I learned

Value fund manager Nick Kirrage reveals his results in an investment IQ test designed to help investors understand their biases