Behavioural finance



21JUN 2019

Outcomes and timeframes – With Annie Duke, Part 3

The Value Perspective recently had the chance to chat with author and retired US poker player, Annie Duke, in the third of three resulting articles, we discuss outcomes and timeframes in the context of decision-making



28MAY 2019


The medical advice all value investors should follow

With medical students just as prone to behavioural biases as anybody else, a couple of pieces of advice doled out to budding doctors should be of interest to investors too

21MAY 2019


The instinctive biases investors must beware – Part 1: Emotional biases

The many behavioural biases hardwired into the human brain that investors need to beware of split roughly into ‘emotional biases’ and ‘cognitive errors’. Here we run through the principal examples of the former

03MAY 2019


Tiger, Tiger – should these bets have been burning bright?

April proved quite a month for not one but two sporting Tigers who had set out to confound history in their respective fields – and it was not a bad month either for those who chose to back them at the bookies

02MAY 2019


What does this monkey business tell us about human investors?

A US psychologist’s experiments with capuchin monkeys offers further evidence humans should look to invest in a way that strives as far as possible to remove emotional and instinctive biases from the equation


08MAR 2019


All investors must learn to accept uncertainty as a fact of life

Today being International Women’s Day, we republish a piece inspired by US poker player and author Annie Duke, whose book Thinking in Bets aims to help us feel better about uncertainty and so make better decisions



23NOV 2018


Just because an investment decision crashes does not make it wrong

From active investment to self-driving cars, in a complicated world full of risk and uncertainty, everything can benefit from a system that helps to maintain some consistency


31OCT 2018


This Halloween, investors should remember – fear is always the key

Emotion can play a huge part in investment and investment returns so, this Halloween – and every other day of the year – investors should remember that what they most have to fear is fear itself