Behavioural finance



28JUN 2018

World cup emotions reinforce using a value investing system

Whether it relates to England’s chances in a World Cup or a company in the stockmarket, human emotion really does not change – but at least, in the latter context, value investing is designed to take advantage



01MAY 2018


How to have no regrets as an investor

If investors want to avoid too many regrets then, rather than looking at the world in terms of black and white or right and wrong, they need to start thinking in terms of probabilities


17APR 2018


How to steer clear of investment hangovers

The regimented approach the ancient Greeks would take to serious drinking when they assembled for a ‘symposium’ offers some neat parallels on why value investors prefer not to follow the crowd

13APR 2018


The Grand National is too complex to predict. Just like investing.

‘Buywise’ may be a long shot for the Grand National this year but, as a one-word recommendation for the value investment process, it is ahead of the field


22FEB 2018


Value investing skills #3: Behavioural edge

There are arguably four broad categories where it is possible for investors to enjoy some sort of advantage over their peers. Here we consider the behavioural ‘edge’ and how value investors can benefit from one

02FEB 2018


Would we see more readers as ‘The Bitcoin Perspective’?

Investors now backing any stock that suddenly boasts a connection to blockchain or any cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, are playing a risky game


05JAN 2018


How I scored in the investIQ test – and what I learned

Value fund manager Nick Kirrage reveals his results in an investment IQ test designed to help investors understand their biases



07DEC 2017


The investment lesson from the rise of Nike

The book 'Shoe Dog' may not dispense the usual tips for success of more traditional corporate biographies but it still contains important investment insights for those who care to see them