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19JUL 2019

Lessons in investing from England’s Cricket World Cup victory

Sunday’s Cricket World Cup final gave us so much in the way of drama and excitement but could it also contain some lessons for investors? How could you doubt it?



07JUN 2019


The Catch-22 facing UK construction businesses

The UK’s construction sector is a challenging one in which to operate and yet the reality facing businesses looking to diversify into other areas is that this is a whole lot easier said than done


23APR 2019


When enough people guess, someone will always look like an expert

As Barack Obama’s favourite fantasy sports tournament has just shown in the US, somebody is always going to end up looking like a genius forecaster – but, ultimately, it just comes down to numbers


31MAR 2019

Quarterly letters

Value Perspective Quarterly Letter – 1Q 2019

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31JAN 2019


Power your investment case with clear and objective data

The father of modern-day ‘infographics’ was a French civil engineer from the 19th Century who understood the importance of setting out detailed information as clearly and objectively as possible



31DEC 2018


The World Cup, Dr Strange and a £1m pension pot – our most read stories of 2018

Over the last 12 months, subjects for discussion have again roamed far and wide, here on The Value Perspective, from Dr Strange to the greatest investor you’ve never heard of, FAANGS to gaffes and sport to the realities of a £1m pension pot – and that’s just the stories that made our most-read list of 2018…

31DEC 2018

Quarterly letters

Value Perspective Quarterly Letter – 4Q 2018

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19DEC 2018


Christmas Quiz 2018: Take 2

Enter our festive value quiz for a chance to win a value investment book