The Value Perspective



08NOV 2019

Admitting ‘I don’t know’ can be a positive for investors

England rugby coach Eddie Jones took some flak for saying he did not know why England performed as they did in the World Cup final – but admitting that should not be automatically viewed as a weakness



29OCT 2019


Shedding extra light on how ‘we work’ as investors

How to reach a plausible valuation of a ‘unicorn’ business is a topic we have consistently addressed, here on The Value Perspective, but WeWork sheds added light on our thinking and our investment process

25OCT 2019


How value investing instincts helped tee up victory at the Battle of Agincourt

If longbows had been in use for decades before the Battle of Agincourt, then why was only one side using them? The apparent answer should resonate strongly with any value investor

22OCT 2019


What can Match of the Day teach us about stockpicking?

Investors should be careful shooting for ‘Match of the Day stocks’ – businesses that might well shine when viewed as a collection of highlights yet not look quite so compelling taken as a whole

17OCT 2019


Should a media giant – even Facebook – aspire to be a bank?

Facebook’s ambitions to launch its ‘Libra’ digital currency have echoes of the time, 32 years ago, when another high-profile media company had high hopes of expanding into the world of finance

15OCT 2019


Disruptors get disrupted too - and then they can become value stocks

How many of the 10 technology giants that dominated the US market 20 years ago have become value stocks at some point since the tech bubble burst? The answer may surprise you

11OCT 2019


Tackling concerns about rising debt levels by way of a rugby analogy

A course of action that might be entirely rational for an individual to follow – such as taking on cheap debt – can be entirely irrational if it is pursued by a wider group

09OCT 2019


This too shall pass: A non-political take on Brexit

It is not only possible to take a non-political view on Brexit – investors should actively be working to remove their personal opinions from the decision-making process