19APR 2018

An early warning sign to help spot struggling UK retailers

With the UK retail sector in broad decline, one ratio does a particularly good job of flagging up businesses that are struggling to service their debts and so may be vulnerable to any economic downturn



18AUG 2017


Is it still possible to find value in retail stocks?

The wider market has a tendency to dismiss the prospects of entire sectors – and in so doing creates opportunities for disciplined investors willing to dig out the good stocks taken down with the bad

17AUG 2017


Amazon: Is this the end for ‘old-school’ retailers?

This summer the financial press has been full of stories about the ‘Amazon’ effect but has the e-commerce giant’s global dominance really brought an end to retailing as we know it?


18JUL 2017


Why we may soon be buying our lunchtime sandwich at 3am

There are signs ‘dynamic pricing’ could become a feature of UK supermarkets and if that happens, as value investors, we may instinctively adjust our shopping habits to ensure we obtain the best bargains