12NOV 2019

Value’s darkest days have tended to precede periods of extreme light

Past performance history clearly tells us nothing about the future but, when you have a quarter of a century of audited and digitised data, it can certainly raise some interesting ideas



09AUG 2019


Could 1995 contain some ‘cosmic significance’ for value investors?

For Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future, it was 12 November 1955 that appeared to be a key date – and there are plenty of reasons to see 1995 as similarly pivotal for value investors

06AUG 2019


On the Spot: Q&A with the Value Team Q2

Value fund manager Nick Kirrage answers the questions that you asked


25JUL 2019


The behavioural finance issues illustrated by the Chernobyl TV series

The recent Chernobyl TV miniseries showed senior officials committing a number of the sort of behavioural mistakes that investors can all too frequently make

16JUL 2019


Value investing dead? Four reasons why that just isn’t the case

Growth investing has outperformed value for such a sustained period of time there is a growing body of opinion that value as an investment strategy may be ‘dead’. Here are four reasons that view is wrong


25JUN 2019


Can value investors profit from tech companies?

Markets tend to overestimate the change that can happen over the short term and underestimate the change that can happen in the long term – which is great news for patient, value-oriented investors


31MAY 2019


The instinctive biases investors must beware – Part 2: Cognitive errors

The many behavioural biases hardwired into the human brain that investors need to beware of split roughly into ‘emotional biases’ and ‘cognitive errors’. Here we run through the principal examples of the latter

28MAY 2019


The medical advice all value investors should follow

With medical students just as prone to behavioural biases as anybody else, a couple of pieces of advice doled out to budding doctors should be of interest to investors too