10AUG 2018

What could Christiano Ronaldo have to teach us about QE?

As the Premier League kicks off for another season, we return to the subject of football transfer fees and the important lesson it holds for investors who have benefitted from rising asset prices since the financial crisis



05JUL 2018


How Carpetright is looking to cover one big flaw

Carpetright’s store leases were a serious issue for the business back in 2014 and the terms of a new agreement with its creditors suggest they are likely to continue being so

03JUL 2018


Mind the gap between what you know and what you think you know

Investors can never be so sure of themselves they could not benefit from a set and repeatable process and a few other people around to sense-check their conclusions


26JUN 2018


Five famous market gaffes

Many of the sillier episodes in market history came about as a result of people rushing in to invest with massively incomplete information – on the basis of, as it were, ‘buy first, ask questions later’

12JUN 2018


Holding your nose and investing in value

So what do value investing and a medical treatment known as ‘FMT’ have in common? You might want to finish eating before you read any further…


22MAR 2018


Why Warren Buffett now holds the equivalent of BP in cash

Arguably the greatest investor of all time now holds 60% of his portfolio in cash – equivalent to the market value of the second largest company in the UK. What does that tell you about markets?

16MAR 2018


In Gold Cup week, why forecasts Might Bite or leave you Definitely Red

You should be as sceptical of forecasting and what businesses tell you as you would about taking a tip from The Value Perspective on the winner of the Gold Cup this Friday

05MAR 2018


Why Oscar winner and ‘value movie’ Get Out resonates with us

Get Out was an outside bet to win the Best Original Screenplay Oscar at the weekend but the identity of its value-oriented producer means we were certainly cheering it on, here on The Value Perspective