16JUL 2019

Value investing dead? Four reasons why that just isn’t the case

Growth investing has outperformed value for such a sustained period of time there is a growing body of opinion that value as an investment strategy may be ‘dead’. Here are four reasons that view is wrong



28MAY 2019


The medical advice all value investors should follow

With medical students just as prone to behavioural biases as anybody else, a couple of pieces of advice doled out to budding doctors should be of interest to investors too

14MAY 2019


The three reasons value investors will sell a share

Professional investors can be surprisingly unstructured about why they sell their shareholdings – and yet a disciplined process is every bit as important here as on the buying side of the investment equation

10MAY 2019


On the Spot: Q&A with the Value Team

Value fund manager Nick Kirrage answers the questions that you asked


23APR 2019


When enough people guess, someone will always look like an expert

As Barack Obama’s favourite fantasy sports tournament has just shown in the US, somebody is always going to end up looking like a genius forecaster – but, ultimately, it just comes down to numbers


29MAR 2019


Why value investors should care – but in a focused way

It goes without saying we care about Brexit politically, socially, societally and personally, here on The Value Perspective – but how much should we care as investors?

15MAR 2019


The case for taking an ‘outside view’ in Gold Cup week

Ahead of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, you will have to look elsewhere for racing tips – here we will simply remind you that value investing is all about looking to keep on the right side of the averages

12MAR 2019


Why great expectations tend to lead to small investment returns

Investors had high hopes when 2018 started – and that is a big reason why it turned out to be such a disappointing year across almost all the major markets