11DEC 2018

How the Brexit delay has moved markets – and what it means for the economy

As Theresa May meets European leaders seeking a better Brexit deal, the UK economy heads for a period of heightened uncertainty and stagflation.


06DEC 2018



16NOV 2018


Brexit: UK economic outlook hinges on May selling deal

We think the risk of a no-deal Brexit should mean Theresa May gets her deal through parliament. If not, the UK risks a recession next year.

09NOV 2018


World Cup spending spree temporarily boosts UK economy

Although third quarter GDP data was strong, the UK economy flat-lined in August and September. We expect a very weak end to 2018.

06NOV 2018


Mind the GARP – Growth At a Ridiculous Price

Evidence is accumulating that the market leadership of growth stocks is now fracturing. If true, it could herald a dramatic reversal in many of the trends of recent years.


31OCT 2018


Is the state pension now unsustainable?

The question of who pays for our retirement has become a political time bomb. Former Pensions Minister Ros Altmann and Schroders' Head of Retirement Lesley-Ann Morgan debate the issue

25OCT 2018


Market falls: cause for alarm or calm?

It’s been a torrid period for stock markets recently. We examine what’s been happening and find out why some investors think it could be a time of opportunity.

25OCT 2018


Aged 20 and saving for the 100 year life

By putting away a modest fraction of their income, today’s 20-somethings could afford a comfortable retirement in their 60s - and still have enough money to live to 100.

10OCT 2018


UK suffers World Cup hangover

The economy stalled in August after a strong July.