03AUG 2018

Employment data dips: is US growth moderating?

Quickview: We think the world economy is entering a soft patch, something backed up by today’s payroll numbers from the US.

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

30JUL 2018



20JUN 2018


Our multi-asset investment views for June 2018

We have downgraded equities this month in Europe, Japan, Pacific ex-Japan and emerging markets. Here's why.

19JUN 2018


Trade tensions - the US ups the ante

As the US threatens further tariffs on Chinese goods, we look at the possible response from China and the potential impact on other emerging market economies.

14JUN 2018


Upbeat Fed turns more hawkish on rates

Markets will have to absorb a greater near-term tightening of US monetary policy after the Fed hiked rates.

05JUN 2018


The market stories of May: our charts of the month

May was an eventful month in financial markets. We chart our way around key developments that matter to investors

01JUN 2018


US employment update eases concerns over economic strength

Quickview: Doubts about the strength of the US economy were assuaged with the release of the employment report for May.


16MAY 2018


Our multi-asset investment views for May 2018

This month our infographic reveals we have downgraded a number of asset classes, but upgraded our view on the US dollar.

10MAY 2018


Are Australia and Canada’s cooling housing markets a threat to financial stability?

After a long housing boom in Australia and Canada, some observers expect a sharp correction. Should this spark concern about the wider economic impact in these countries?