Watch: Keith Wade on the emerging market outlook

Is China the elephant in the room for emerging markets? Schroders chief economist and strategist Keith Wade looks at the impact slowing growth in China could have on the outlook for emerging markets and which regions could supplement demand.


Keith Wade

Keith Wade

Chief Economist & Strategist

Chief Economist, Keith Wade, comments on the key factors that could have an impact on emerging markets this year:

  • The performance of the Chinese economy will be one of the determining factors for the wider emerging markets this year – we think it’s going to continue to slow down and we could see a downgrade in growth from the Chinese government later this year.
  • Commodity prices are also a factor – they have fallen quite substantially, which has hit emerging markets. However, there is a chance for stability in commodity prices later in the year, which could prove beneficial.
  • More stable commodity prices, combined with better growth in the eurozone and US could see the outlook for emerging markets improve, but we’re probably looking at the second half of the year for this to happen, rather than the first