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Schroders operates a full equalisation policy for the below specified fund ranges with the objective that the income yield of a reporting Fund Share Class is unaffected either by incoming or outgoing investors. The equalisation amount corresponds to the income earned by the reporting Fund Share Class up to a particular date in the reporting period. Investors can use the equalisation figures published on Schroders website to determine their tax liability.

Reporting period The Fund Share Class period of account. This may be annual or shorter where a Fund Share Class is newly created.
Equalisation amount The income earned by the Fund Share Class up to a particular date.


The equalisation amount is relevant to investors who have joined the reporting Fund Share Class part way through its reporting period and still hold the Shares at the period end. These investors will be allowed to deduct the equalisation amount on the Fund Share purchase date when calculating their taxable basis.

Investors who have joined the reporting Fund Share Class by way of share class switch should disregard equalisation entirely and therefore not deduct the equalisation amount.



Subscription of 10,000 shares on 25 May

Date Equalisation rate per share (in Fund Share Class currency)
25 May 0.123456


Date Reportable income per share (in Fund Share Class currency)
31 December 0.987654


Taxable basis is as follows:

A B (A-B) x 10,000
Reportable income per share Equalisation rate per share Taxable basis
0.987654 0.123456 8,641.98

Note that the above is an example only and the figures used therein do not reflect the actual equalisation or reportable income amounts of any Fund Share Class.

For the equalisation rates per fund range, please refer to the links below

Risk warning:
Nothing on this page should be construed as advice and is therefore not a recommendation to buy or sell shares. For tax advice investors should contact their tax representative.