Schroders US Retirement Survey

Schroders Proprietary US Retirement Survey Results

Schroders surveyed 1,004 respondents with the goal of better understanding the needs of pre-retirees and retirees, the general sentiment around retirement, and an individual’s understanding of retirement planning, investing and social security benefits. Please find the results of our proprietary study on US retirement trends below:

As we continue to refine and innovate the retirement solutions we offer clients, we wanted to have a clear understanding how the transition from pension plans to individual retirement plans has affected decision-making around retirement savings, investing and social security benefits.

Joel Schiffman
Head of US Defined Contribution and Insurance Sales

Key Highlights

  • More than half of respondents (54%) lack an understanding of how to invest in retirement, and even more concerning is that 64% of women claimed they don’t know how to invest their money, compared with 44% of men
  • There is significant concern of outliving one’s assets, with 42% of people classifying themselves as being concerned or very concerned about outliving their assets and 35% of those retired being concerned or very concerned about outliving their money
  • The majority (67%) of all respondents do not believe that the monthly amount they receive in social security will be enough to live on
  • 39% of those who reported being retired, began taking social security benefits at age 62, forgoing greater monthly benefits by deferring benefits to a later age
  • 55% of respondents don’t know how their assets are allocated
  • Women lag men in their confidence as to when they will be able to retire, with 41% of women being unsure of when they will retire, compared with 25% of men who are unsure of when they will retire
  • The majority (60%) of respondents claim that their primary investment objective in retirement is “steady income generation"

As the industry has transitioned from employer-directed pension plans to self-directed retirement programs as a means for funding retirement, it appears that we have left a post-retirement education and planning gap for the vast majority of our population” said Deb Boyden. “Historically, we have focused all of our attention and education on the ‘asset accumulation’ phase but have provided little guidance for those in the ‘asset decumulation’ phase. The lack of information and access to so few options to replace income in retirement has made the dream of retirement less certain for many.

Deb Boyden
Head of Defined Contribution

Survey Respondent Demographics:

Respondents are split 50/50 between men and women and are categorized into three age cohorts: 45-59 (336 respondents), 60-69 (335 respondents) and 70+ (333 respondents).  Among those surveyed, 50% are married, 20% are divorced, two thirds own their own homes and 51% are currently living with two 18+ years-old people in their household.

Respondent ethnicities include 754 Caucasians, 120 Hispanics, 110 African Americans and 20 Asians.

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