Schroders Artemis Conference Series

Event 2

May 27, 2021


Our virtual Artemis Conference Series Event 2, The hunt for rare alpha; sourcing unique ideas from the bottom up, took place on May 27, 2021. You will find copies of the presentations and relevant Thought Leadership below.


The pursuit of sustainable growth

Katherine Davidson, Lead Portfolio Manager, Global Sustainable Growth

The 'Inescapable Truths' and Covid-19

Johanna Kyrklund, Group Chief Investment Officer & Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments

Why Europe? The attractiveness of European Private Equity

Maria Prieto, Senior Investment Director and Head of Sustainability for Private Equity

Thought Leadership

It's good to be small in Europe

Solving the zero interest rate portfolio construction problem

SustainEx: a pioneer approach to defining a company's social value

The pursuit of sustainable growth: Are investors asking the right questions?

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