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Economic Views

13DEC 2019

What the US-China trade deal means for global growth

At first glance, the "phase one" US-China trade deal looks to slightly exceed our expectations, suggesting modest upside to our economic growth forecasts.



10DEC 2019


Outlook 2020: China equities

Why we think China’s economy will stabilise in 2020, which areas of the economy will drive growth, and where we see opportunities.

09DEC 2019


Outlook 2020: Emerging market equities

Why there is reason to be optimistic on the outlook for emerging market equities in 2020.

09DEC 2019

Fixed Income

Outlook 2020: Emerging market debt absolute return

The balance of risk and reward remains attractive in several high yielding EM local debt markets, while EM currencies are well positioned for a strong recovery in 2020.

09DEC 2019

Fixed Income

Outlook 2020: Emerging markets debt relative

The 2020 outlook for emerging market debt (EMD) remains positive, with fundamentals broadly supportive. Should the US dollar depreciate, the upside for local EMD looks particularly attractive.


29NOV 2019

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - December 2019

Schroders' economists suggest the global economy will probably avoid a recession in 2020, why they are optimistic about emerging markets next year, and mull the end of Japan's era of "Abenomics".

28NOV 2019

Fixed Income

Are China's bond markets near a tipping point?

China’s bond markets are huge, but many foreign investors have little exposure. They are now opening up. Manu George explains the potential long-term opportunity for investors.

01NOV 2019


What is microfinance and why does it matter for investors?

Microfinance is a promising way to address global problems such as poverty, inequality and environmental damage. But what’s in it for investors?