06DEC 2019

Outlook 2020: Income

Income seekers may need to adjust their expectations and be prepared to invest for longer and spread their investments more.



21OCT 2019

15OCT 2019

Fixed Income

The death of yields in six charts

Bond yields have declined remarkably since 2008, with a growing proportion now below zero. Here we highlight some extreme instances of ultra-low yields and look at what they mean for investors.

03OCT 2019

Retirement Perspectives

Invert, always invert: the key to sustainable retirement income

Deciding how much money to withdraw from savings to provide an income in retirement is a highly complex and challenging concept. This is true even for experienced professionals who work with uncertainty around investment strategies and longevity for their day job. How long do I expect to live? How well do I expect my assets to perform? How much do I expect that I need to spend?


13SEP 2019


Why Europe is fertile hunting ground for income-seeking investors

In a world of low bond yields, many investors struggle to extract a decent income from their portfolios, but European shares could be a potentially attractive option.

04SEP 2019

Fixed Income

Six reasons why it can make sense to buy a bond with a negative yield

Investing in a negative yielding bond effectively locks in a loss, but can still be a rational thing to do. Here we look at six reasons why.


15AUG 2019


What do “lower for longer” interest rates mean for value investors?

Low interest rates have lengthened this economic cycle and encouraged risky investment behaviour.

07AUG 2019

Fixed Income

Should municipal bonds be a core holding for ESG investors?

Investors on the lookout for ways to invest more responsibly may have overlooked the ESG characteristics inherent in many municipal bonds.