Parallels in the US-EU regulatory landscape

The current landscape for asset managers in Europe is quite distinctive. The markets are at the tail end of a long period of quantitative easing. There are signs indicating a possible global economic downturn amidst political uncertainty and trade tensions. There is a new European Commission that will be setting the regulatory and policy agenda for the years to come. In this

context and as we are at the beginning of a new decade, we take stock of the main themes in asset management regulation in Europe, which is comprehensively laid out in my latest research, Regulatory landscape for asset managers in the European Union. Through our research we identified five key themes in both existing and forthcoming regulation: investor protection, conduct, sustainable investment, capital markets and financial stability.

Financial stability and investor protection will remain significant long-term drivers of the regulatory agenda, complemented by sustainable finance, competitiveness and long-term saving.

This expectation is confirmed by recent statements from the new Commission that has now been formed following the European Parliament elections in May 2019. Importantly, the elections have brought about a change in the composition of the European Parliament generally, and more specifically in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee that oversees financial services.

This paper offers brief inserts on the European regulatory topics at a high level, and then draws parallels between these reforms and how the US regulatory landscape will transform over the near-term years to follow.


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