Rajeev De Mello

Head of Asian Fixed Income


Fixed Income

06DEC 2017

Outlook 2018: Asian bonds

Improving global growth and low inflation should be supportive forces for Asian bonds in 2018 but higher oil prices could be a headwind for the region.



09AUG 2017


Why Chinese bonds are becoming more attractive for international investors

Rajeev de Mello explains the attractions of Chinese bonds and gives an overview of the new Bond Connect scheme making it easier for global investors to access the market.



14DEC 2016

Fixed Income

Outlook 2017: Asian bonds

Volatility in bond markets should also open up opportunities in 2017, particularly in Asia.


02AUG 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on the yields in EM

While so much of the bond market offers negative yields, emerging market debt is growing in attraction.


27JUL 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on EM corporate bonds as an income solution

Interest rates and yields on government bonds remain near record lows leaving investors scrambling for solutions to their income problems. Rajeev De Mello explains why emerging market corporate debt provides an answer.


25FEB 2016

Fixed Income

Schroders Quickview: Why the opening up of China's bond market is welcome

The People’s Bank of China has announced on Wednesday that it will be removing quotas on its bond market. The opening of the bond market to long-term investors is a significant step in the further integration of the Chinese capital markets into global markets.

02FEB 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on the China conundrum

Market volatility exposed investors’ unease over China’s slowdown, but Rajeev De Mello says the country’s growth is stabilising and investors must choose the right assets for a gradual recovery.


28JAN 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on the Fed and emerging markets

The pain in emerging markets has been in the preparation for the Federal Reserve's lift-off, according to Rajeev De Mello, but the rate hiking cycle could be positive for the region.