Key capabilities

Connecting you with Schroders investment, risk and insurance expertise

Our process for designing, managing and servicing customized solutions for insurance clients integrates inputs from across Schroders broad capabilities into a single, unified framework for managing and servicing client portfolios.
In our view designing and operating a successful investment solution requires a combination of three key components:

  1. Expertise and capability in asset management
  2. Rigorous and accurate risk controls
  3. The ability to continuously monitor and adjust the portfolio for capital and solvency efficiency


Investment solutions do not work without a reliable, consistent performance engine. As a global, specialist asset manager, Schroders is fortunate in having a broad array of investment expertise across asset classes, regions and strategies. Our ability to design customized benchmarks and solutions that are relevant for the particular needs of each insurance client using this powerful performance engine is a key differentiator for Schroders.

Risk Management

Schroders well-resourced and experienced LDI (liability-driven investment) team is a centre of risk management excellence within the firm and is responsible for operating all of our liability-based strategies. The team has wide ranging experience analysing and hedging different types of liability objectives along with an ability to design and manage customized ALM based solutions. We feel this aforementioned expertise gives our insurance clients confidence in our ability to support them with appropriate ALM solutions backed by relevant new ideas. Above all else the central role of this team within Schroders and robustly is to establish itself, as a stable, long term partner with clients.

Capital and Solvency

Crucially, investment and risk management expertise must be channeled to clients in a way that is relevant from a regulatory, capital and solvency perspective. Our IAM team works with our internal stakeholders to make sure the ideas and techniques we present are appropriate for and support clients' business objectives. The IAM team remains readily available at all stages of the relationship between Schroders and the client. Schroders provides insurance-focused appropriately-skilled support with our investment and risk teams ensuring that client's portfolio and strategy are always fit-for-purpose and continually focused on capital and solvency efficiency.