James Barrineau

Head of Emerging Markets Debt Relative


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29MAY 2019

What ETF flows say about emerging market debt opportunities

Outflows from the world’s largest passive emerging market debt ETF appear to be bottoming – is this an opportunity for investors?

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28SEP 2018



23AUG 2018

Fixed Income

Three signs that EMD could be nearing a tipping point

A margin of safety has opened up for emerging market investors after recent selling, and history suggests a buying opportunity in emerging market debt (EMD) could be on the horizon.

14AUG 2018


Turkey trouble: what's behind it and what does it mean for EM?

Our economics, equities and debt teams share their views on Turkey, where the lira has fallen sharply and raised concerns about broader market contagion.



05DEC 2017

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Outlook 2018: Emerging markets debt relative

A solid global backdrop, improving fundamentals and relatively attractive income to drive continued, albeit more modest, gains in 2018 despite increased country divergence.


28MAR 2017

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Why emerging market fundamentals are positive for 2017

Schroders’ emerging market debt (EMD) relative team highlight the broadly positive fundamental outlook for emerging markets in 2017


25JAN 2017

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Outlook 2017: Emerging market debt relative

2017 may prove a challenging year with consensus expecting a firm US dollar; however any change to this view could see a considerable rally and fundamentals for many emerging markets have improved.



28NOV 2016


Can the emerging markets revival continue?

Our panel of experts reflect on the revival seen in emerging markets this year, and discuss whether it is set to continue in 2017 in the wake of the recent US presidential election result.


23AUG 2016

Fixed Income

EM debt: rich or risk?

Historical comparisons are likely to lead investors astray when considering emerging market debt.